6 Spoons, 1 Kitchen –initiated by flautist Jeroen Pek- is an international sextet that wishes to explore the boundaries of the music of our planet, approached from the background and merits of each individual member and brought together a brand new “dish” in the field of Ethnic-Jazz. A project which is almost literal 6 Spoons in 1 Kitchen in the sense of encounter and exchange. The repertoire is a blend of compositions of all members and arranged by the group as a whole. This concept guarantees excitement and adventure, as a process and, due to that, as a live performance.

Nabil Khemir

The Tunesian guitarist/lute player NABIL KHEMIR is one of the remarkable North African musicians and composer of today. The custom build double neck instrument is the physical result of his hybrid approach of the music from two worlds: North African music and Jazz. He toured with an impressive list of international musicians such as Monica Akihari, Chander Sardjoe and Sebastian Kaptein (Jaimie Cullum) in many countries. Beside the releases of a number of cd’s in 2007 he was officially decorated in his country for his contribution and artistic vision on the culture and the cultural heritage of Tunesia.

Visit: www.nabilkhemir.com

Oleg Fateev

OLEG FATEEV is a Moldavian Bayan player of international allure. Based in Holland he played as a true musical omnivore solo concerts, theatre productions (Herman van Veen, Orkater, RO Theater) and cross-over projects (Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Jeroen Pek Band Special Edition) in Holland and nowadays all over our planet. Oleg is also a gifted composer and arranger. In his way of playing and in his compositions you always will recognize the Moldavian roots mixed with an open mind for many influences. Recently he released his first solo cd “Dreams” which he presents with a theatre tour in Holland.

Visit: www.oleg.nl

Simone Sou

Brazil based percussionist/vocalist/composer SIMONE SOU is also an artist with a firm international reputation. In the 90’s till 2005 she toured with Chico Cesar on many continents playing the big festivals, sharing the stage with musicians such as Ray Lema and Adama Drame, Due to that collaboration Simone received her first assignment to write film music. Internationally she established herself even more with the legendary psychedelic rock band Os Mutantes. Later she met Oleg Fateev playing in a project of the Dutch composer Martin Fondse. Now Simone is releasing her first solo cd “SIm-One-Sou”. At the moment she is working on the music of the next film of Brazilian director Beto Brant.

Visit: www.myspace.com/simonesou

Jeroen Pek

Because of his personal approach, sound and wide array of dynamics JEROEN PEK (The Netherlands) is considered as one of the leading European Jazz-flautists. His reputation as a composer (twice finalist of the composition contest of the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, Washington D.C.) and as a musician can be described as eclectic if it comes to musical influences. He played with an extensive amount of top European musicians (Nuevo Manteca, Afework Niguse e.o.) and toured internationally with his Jeroen Pek Quartet (cd “Uplands”) and the jazz-rock band PitchWhiteStorm (cd’s “The View And The Tales” and “Four Layers Of Abstraction”).

Visit: www.jeroenpek.nl / www.myspace.com/pitchwhitestorm

Onno Witte

ONNO WITTE is one of the most creative and energetic drummers from The Netherlands. He feels at home in the whole spectrum of concert music. Besides a gifted jazz(-rock) drummer he established his reputation as musical omnivore by playing for instance in groups like the Batucada band Medicamento. He toured internationally with an impressive list of musicians such as Randal Corsten, Rob van den Broeck, Stormvogels Alter Ego, Wieke Aurora Garcia and PitchWhiteStorm. With his band, Onno Witte’s Wild Card, he released the cd “Adventures Volume 1” on which he established himself as a composer as well.

Visit: www.owme.nl

Ahmed Nazmi

AHMED NAZMI is considered as one of the most inspiring bass players of the Egyptian jazz scene of today. He started his professional career by exploring and playing the wide array of Egyptian music which is rooted in the different regions of the country. These roots are strongly present in his personal approach by blending it with the language of contemporary bass playing.
Nazmi played with well-known musicians in the Middle East such as Grammy Award winner Fathy Salama and toured internationally with the band of Yehya Khalid, The Hot Potato Project. Recently he was touring in The Netherlands with A Fula’s Call, Marc Bishoff and Omar Ka.

Visit: www.myspace.com/ahmednazmi